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Cool Pope, Bro!

Since taking over the papacy earlier this year, Pope Francis has consistently impressed us with his words and actions. In honor of his 77th birthday, “Open Source” announced a new recurring segment: Cool Pope, Bro! Pope Francis refuses fancy Papal garments and drives a Ford Focus in lieu of the Popemobile. He washed the feet of incarcerated men and women in his first week on the job. He said people needed to stop obsessing over abortion and the gays and focus on alleviating income inequality. Just in the past week, Pope Francis decried how businesses pay their CEOs multi-million-dollar salaries while the poor struggle to find food and shelter. While we disagree that Pope Francis should have won “Person of the Year” over Edward Snowden, we can agree that he’s a breath of fresh air for Catholics worldwide. Cool Pope, bro!

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