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LA Galaxy is reportedly renting a $25 million Malibu house for Steven Gerrard

What’s $80,000 between friends? Between new friends like the LA Galaxy and impending arrival Steven Gerrard, it’s enough to cover one month’s rent in this ridiculous $25 million Malibu house … allegedly.

Those allegations emerged on Monday, with Gerrard reportedly set to move into an orchard-laden, massage room-having, sauna on site-of coursing liar on the California coast. Granted, this isn’t so different than what Frank Lampard’s set to occupy in New York, but it’ largesse is still remarkable.

How many players on minimum salaries could live in this house? What about the mascots, who still don’t have a collective bargaining agreement? Why isn’t this paragraph in all caps? There are far more questions than answers about Chateau Gerrard.

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