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Cocaine Kingpin: The story of Pablo Escobar

It’s been more than twenty years since Pablo Escobar was shot to death, but his name continues to haunt Colombia’s history. To many, he was a hero, a modern day Robin Hood. He improved some of Colombia’s poorest neighborhoods by financing housing projects and repairing public spaces; he built recreation centers and even soccer fields. But he was also the world’s most wanted fugitive, and the most powerful and dangerous drug lord to ever exist.

Fusion’s Cocaine Kingpin: Pablo Escobar is a close look at how the head of the tyrannical Medellín Cartel made billions, killed thousands, and revolutionized the world of cocaine trafficking. This six-part series includes previously unreleased footage and unprecedented access to his family, his enemies, and those who hunted him down.


To watch part 2 of Cocaine Kingpin, click here.


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