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At first glance Isabella Rose Taylor is a normal teenager who enjoys baking and paddle boarding. But Taylor also has a clothing line for sale at Nordstrom and debuted her Spring collection at her show at New York City’s Fashion Week. Oh, she’s also attending college. And she’s only 13 years old.

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As a child, Taylor loved to paint. But she wanted to include textures into her work so she enrolled in a sewing summer camp. Even at the age of nine, she knew designing clothes was something she wanted to pursue.

“My saying is, if art had legs, it would be fashion. And I really believe that they are the same for me. Because it is color and texture and form. So it’s really the same thing. And for me, they come from the same place. So basically, fashion is the canvas, but there’s just legs,” said Taylor.

“When I was around maybe 9 or 10 I started realizing that this could be a serious business, and it sort of transitioned from a fun hobby that I just really loved, to a business,” said Taylor.

Taylor is sponsored by Dell’s Women Entrepreneurial Network – and as such, she gave the keynote address at Dell’s conference. Now at fashion week with Dell’s help, Taylor has launched her career. She has even designed her own Dell tablet cover with her own artwork.

“It was so surreal when I got the call from Dell that they wanted to partner with me and help me put on my New York Fashion week show. It was so exciting. Honestly, I still can’t believe that it is happening,” said Taylor.

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