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Will Michael Che make us want to watch SNL again?

Saturday Night Live is bringing on a young comedian superstar, Michael Che, to host its popular fake-news segment ‘Weekend Update.’ He’s the first of many for the segment: the first African American to host, and also part of the first all-male team, along with his co-anchor, Colin Jost.

SNL is snagging Che from his role as a correspondent on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Che has been touted as one of the industry’s fastest rising stars — achieving in a couple of years what takes most comedians 10 years to put together. And yet, some are questioning the decision to wipe women to the floor in one of SNL’s most plum segments. ‘Weekend Update’ is one of the few skits that guarantees cast members a weekly slot on the show.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with Cosmopolitan.com’s Jill Filipovic, Internet personality Franchesca Ramsey and Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan to talk about the development. Ramsey asks what is perhaps the most important question for Saturday Night Live execs, “I’m interested to see how this effects the audience, because when I look at my twitter timeline, most of my black friends aren’t watching SNL,” she said. To which Menendez responded, “Do you think that’s about being black or about being young?” It’s true, survey your friends, are many people under the age of thirty watching Saturday Night Live on a weekly basis?

Credit: Cleo Stiller, Johanna Rojas

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