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The Ray Rice domino effect: Will the NFL establish a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence?

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice is expected to appeal his indefinite suspension from the NFL. He has until Tuesday at midnight to file that appeal.

This come less than a week after the NFL suspended him indefinitely in response to a video released by TMZ, showing Rice punching his then fiance, now wife, in a hotel elevator.

MORE: NFL knew about Ray Rice video, but that shouldn’t matter

In light of the Ray Rice controversy, Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera benched defensive end Greg Hardy on Sunday — who was charged back in July with assault — saying quote “the climate has changed.”

Needless to say – it’s an appeal everyone – both on and off the field – will be looking to as precedence. Are the NFL’s actions about doing the right thing or the bottom line? Is the league—and its commissioner, who has yet to resign despite allegations that he knew about the incriminating Rice video before TMZ leaked it to the general public—trying to change its policies or just trying to save face?

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez discusses with Cosmopolitan Senior political writer Jill Filipovic, internet personality Franchesca Ramsay and Jezebel news editor Erin Gloria Ryan.

Credit: Victoria Moreno and Johanna Rojas

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