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Clocking in at nearly 300 mph, the world's fastest street cars are built in South Florida

At nearly 300 mph, the fastest street cars in the world are built in South Florida.

“We shattered what everybody said couldn’t be done,” said Johnny Bohmer, the man behind the 1,800 horsepower record setting super car. “We built a twin turbo. We developed our own gear box. I’ve got six-plus years of heartache, failure, trial and error to get to where we’re at now.”

Now the BADD GT series cars can be yours if you’re brave enough for the drive and you’ve got the cash. Bohmer won’t tell us the price tag, but said it’s sure to run less than its European counterparts that cost at least $1 million.

Bohmer used the NASA runway to test his car and shared the collected data with scientists.

“It is, believe it or not, not just racing,” he said. “It’s a form of rocket science because you’re interpreting data and it’s being fed back to a bunch of different areas that they use in everyday life and also in the space program.”

Bohmer also owns and built the world’s fastest Corvette – the first such car to go 250 mph in a standing mile (from zero to as fast as you can go in one mile). It is also a daily driver, meaning you can take it out every day on the street. It has a license and is insured.

What is it like to drive the world’s fastest Corvette? “That is one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life.”

Credit: Jesse Swinger

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