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Desiree Akhavan on depicting LGBT characters who aren't 'the perfect gay'

Desiree Akhavan was born to Iranian immigrant parents who fled the 1979 Revolution. She has been called the “new lesbian Lena Dunham,” and though Akhavan’s characters are different than the ones we’re familiar with on “Girls,” the humor and storytelling are just as compelling.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with Akhavan to ask her about critics and fans comparing her work to Lena Dunham’s.

“I was so excited that someone with her voice and her intelligent sense of humor was out here and monetizing that kind of work,” Akhavan said of Dunham.

Prior to her directorial debut film “Appropriate Behavior,” Akhavan wrote, directed and acted in the lesbian-themed web series “The Slope,” in which she described the story of “superficial, homophobic lesbians” living in Park Slope Brooklyn in their twenties.

“We are seeing more and more LGBT stories in the media but we see a very specific kind of person… someone better than you, the perfect gay,” Akahvan told Menendez. “I wanted to widen that conversation and have more flawed characters.”

CREDIT: Andrea Torres and Johanna Rojas

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