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Valentine’s Day With Blowfly, the Original Nasty Rapper

You don’t want to give your sweetheart just any run-of-the-mill present. So we decided to consult the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day expert, the original nasty rapper, Blowfly.

Born Clarence Reid, he boasts a musical legacy as long as it is often, puerile and comically disgusting. His first forays into songwriting started early, as a child sharecropper in rural, segregated Georgia. He says to stick it to abusive farm owners, he made up mind-bogglingly offensive ditties set to the tune of then-popular songs. They brought about the reverse effect, though: laughter, praise and higher wages.

In ensuing years, Reid made it from Georgia to Miami, penning soul hits for other artists –like Betty Wright’s “Clean-Up Woman”–as well as himself. One day, though, the Blowfly character emerged, and, Reid claims, proffered the world the first real rap record, “Rapp Dirty.” He’s still rapping dirty today, as you can see in this video!

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