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Today in History: Michael Jackson buys The Beatles

Back in 1985, after hearing that it was a good idea to invest in publishing rights to music from his good friend Paul McCartney, shrewd business man Michael Jackson stopped being such good friends with Paul McCartney by buying the complete rights to The Beatles catalog. It was the Fab Four’s (well, Fab Three Plus Yoko, at that point) own fault for losing the rights, but still. C’mon, Michael!

The King of Pop dropped $46 million for the tunes, and recouped that several times over. The money kept Bubbles in all the finest chimpanzee fineries, no doubt. Meanwhile, Paul McCartney would have to pay money to do live performances of songs he had written. Jackson sold the rights to Sony in 2008 and according to the Sony Hack emails, Sony wants to unload them. It’s safe to say McCartney isn’t going to let there be an encore.

Watch this and more days in history at Timeline.

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