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Fusion Dispatch: Inside the Venezuela Protests Part Two

28-year-old Venezuelan student movement leader, Gaby Arellano from Universidad de los Andes has been actively involved with the student activists since 2007. Arellano makes a 12 hour trip into the capital Caracas from her home in the provinces when the movement is most active.

Carlos Beltran of Storyhunter joined along when she arranged a student visit to Ramo Verde, a notorious military prison about an hour outside of Caracas. Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has been imprisoned there since last week after leading student protests in the capital.

Lopez is allowed regular but controlled visits from his family and lawyers while he awaits a trial. Part of this footage was shot from within a military zone, meaning no cameras were allowed in the area, and Beltran had to shoot discreetly, some of which was on his cell phone.

Lopez’s wife, Lilian Tintori, paid her husband a visit while the students and other activists stood on the outskirts of the prison.

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