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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Det. Rosa Diaz was originally named 'Meghan'...but Stephanie Beatriz nailed the role and lowered her voice just enough to scare the hell out us

From Kerry Washington to Amy Schumer, women are dominating prime time TV, and over at Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of our favorite female leads is Stephanie Beatriz, who plays no nonsense Detective Rosa Diaz.


Originally Beatriz auditioned for the role of Detective Amy Santiago, now played by her co-star Melissa Fumero. When the casting director thought Beatriz wasn’t the best fit for the role, she had Beatriz read for the part of Detective Meghan. That’s right: the character we’ve come to know and love as Detective Rosa Diaz, was originally named Meghan. Mind… Blown.

Season 2 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” premieres Sunday, September 28th on Fox.

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Credit: Victoria Moreno

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