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Top dogs of Instagram: inside 'The Barkhaus'

They are Instagram pictures that stop you in your tracks: dozens of dogs looking right at the camera, seeming to snap selfies and pose all over town.

Nearly 20,000 people follow TheBarkhaus for a daily reason to smile. But the pictures tell only part of the story.

The Barkhaus is a small business in Miami that’s reinventing dog care. They provide daycare and overnight boarding, but their approach is more dog-whisperer than traditional kennel, allowing dogs to run free instead of being locked up in a crate. They say their method leads to happier, better-behaved dogs.

“We have a lot of rules. We have a lot of structure. It’s pretty much like a little bootcamp for dogs,” said Andres Monasterios, 30, who started the business with his wife Natalie Sanchez, 28.

The couple were both working in other jobs before they decided to do what they love full-time — hang out with the dogs. The Instagram account started as a way to update owners on their pups during the day.

“Then it became this constant, oh let’s take this picture of this dog with sunglasses, adn it became something we really enjoy doing as well,” said Natalie.

So how do they get the dogs to cooperate? Click play to find out.

Credit: Bradley Blackburn, Suzette Laboy and Carlos Navarrete

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