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We Didn't Pee Our Pants at Our First Oscars Red Carpet

My middle school dreams came true when I got assigned to cover the Oscars this year. But as a red carpet rookie, I was terrified: what should I wear, what should I ask? Will I get kicked out?

A group of Fusion producers and I took to Hollywood a few days beforehand and we were lucky enough to get solid advice from Oscars red carpet guru Melissa Rivers, ABC’s ‘On The Red Carpet’ correspondent Rachel Smith, and we even got tips from an awards show crasher. I got to borrow an amazing gown by Aidan Mattox and took a sneak peek at the ridiculous swag bags. So even though we didn’t get to see Leo, I got some face time with Frank Underwood and locked eyes with Julia. I was still terrified, but didn’t pee my pants. Let’s do it again!

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