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Ukraine Journalist on Russian Invasion: 'It Is a War at This Point'

Ukranian journalist Maxim Eristavi joins Fusion’s Jorge Ramos to discuss the latest news coming out of Kiev.

“Technically it is a war at this point with Russia actively taking over Crimea and there is a lot of rumors that this expansion will proceed in other eastern provinces,” Eristavi told Ramos.

When asked whether the Ukrainian people trust President Obama to save them from a Russian takeover, Eristavi said “I think a lot of people outside of Crimea count on that pressure from the international community because with so little army potential that is the only thing they have at the moment is international pressure and international help to save them from being overtaken by Russia. At this point I think Crimea is gone — nobody expects that Crimea is going to be back to Ukraine anytime soon.”

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