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WATCH: This woman is nine months pregnant and still beasting in the gym at Crossfit

Crossfit—the “sport of fitness”—long ago graduated from grimy garages into the world of mainstream workout trends. Devotees love the pursuit for its competitive aspects and its all-around approach to fitness. A workout may include everything from basic gymnastics, to metabolic conditioning, to Olympic weightlifting, to sprinting and beyond. Crossfit eschews almost all gym machines in favor of the ultimate machine: the human body.

But Crossfit coaches and enthusiasts often also make a famous promise: that the practice is infinitely scalable for any population. But how about pregnant women—like, heavily pregnant women? We caught up with one amateur athlete at Crossfit Miami, the city’s oldest official Crossfit affiliate, who was still happily Crossfitting into her ninth month of pregnancy.

But is it safe or recommended? It’s the kind of thing that, yes, might draw some dramatic, knee-jerk reactions. So check out the video for her and her coach’s side of the story.

Shot by Chris Dominguez

Edited by Jesse Swinger

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