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Who is Betty Who? The artist you wish you knew about way before her debut album

She’s been called the Jennifer Lawrence of music, dubbed the break out artist of 2014, and on October 7th she’s set to release her debut album.

Get ready to fall in love with Betty Who:

The Australian born pop sensation describes herself as “an indie pop, 6’2″, Australian girl who just likes to sing and dance.”

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with Betty Who to find out how she developed her sound, what music can and should mean to individual arists and how she’s handling all the hype (humble brag: she’s opening for Katy Perry).

“People ask all the time ‘Do you feel pressure,’ and I’m like ‘yes, of course I feel pressure,'” Who joked with Menendez. “It’s stressful…but what will be will be.”

From viral videos to her laugh out loud web series, Betty Who is making her mark in the industry. So how does the 22-year-old artist who some claim will save pop music, keep it all together?

Turns out surrounding yourself with people who love you enough to tell you when you’re “being an idiot,” is a recipe for creating a breakout artist. Somebody loves you, Betty Who…and that somebody is us.

Betty Who’s debut album, “Take Me When You Go” drops Tuesday, October 7th.

Credit: Claudia Pou, Alicia Menendez, Victoria Moreno, Johanna Rojas and Bianca Perez

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