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Vashtie, 'the curator of cool,' is the first woman to design a pair of Jordans

Vashtie Kola is known as “The Curator of Cool” for her cool demeanor and good taste.

Vashtie is a New York City-based designer, director, filmmaker, artist, creative consultant and DJ. Not to mention a sneaker head and the first woman to ever design a shoe for Nike’s Jordan Brand.

Despite having paved the way for many young women in the music and fashion industries, she remains grounded. She told Fusion’s Kimberly Brooks about her humble beginnings growing up in Albany, meeting mentor Grace Miguel, who eventually worked at Def Jam and gave her a chance to grow her personal brand as a DJ, director and designer (she has directed the music videos for artists such as Common, Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar.)

And Vashtie, as her nickname suggests, always has a positive and appreciative attitude to life. “I’m literally a nobody from a small town, and for some reason my entire life, I’ve just made it. Every young person should know that you can create your own destiny.”

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