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Comedian Jim Norton defends 25 years of paying for sex

Famed comedian Jim Norton is famous for something other than comedy: the fact that he’s been openly paying for sex for the past 25 years. He recently wrote a piece for TIME titled “In Defense of Johns,” calling for the legalization of prostitution.

“By keeping prostitution illegal because we find it morally objectionable, we allow (or, more accurately, you allow) sex workers to constantly be put into dangerous situations,” he writes.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with Norton to ask him about the backlash he received after the release of the piece.

“Would you rather I lied to women, told them I loved them when I don’t and [continued] to have sex with them? I only want to be with somebody who is making an informed decision,” he told Menendez.

For our full interview with Jim Norton and his argument for legalizing prostitution, watch here:

Credit: Cleo Stiller and Bianca Perez

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