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Pedro Andrade Goes in the Kitchen With Renowned Chef Alex Atala

Chef Alex Atala has made a living off breaking boundaries and revolutionizing the way we see, eat and deal with food.

Atala is considered one of the top ten best chefs in the world and Time magazine named him one of the most influential people this decade.

His restaurant d.o.m , located in the heart of Sao Paulo, ranks as the 6th best restaurant in the world and Atala’s massive influence in the culinary world is absolutely undeniable.

Nowadays, after publishing a best selling book, creating a vital organization that brings awareness to numerous regions inside the Amazon and putting Brazilian flavors in the map once and for all, he claims the revolution is just beginning.

Fusion’s Pedro Andrade recently sat down with him to talk about his roots, rainforest and a whole new frontier when it comes to food.

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