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Looking for 'Normcore' at SXSW

First, influential New York Magazine declares “normcore” a fashion trend that has been brewing online. Then, local evening news take to the streets and hastily “report” on this shocking trend that is taking over America’s youth, a trend that aims to be ironically plain, a la 90’s Seinfeld and Obama’s daddy jeans. The Internet proceeds to laugh — this was never a trend, ever! — but doesn’t stop hashtagging #normcore.

Of course, high fashion also comments on this non-trend scam. Karl Lagerfield pronounces himself against the basic idea of it (“I don’t know how irony and plainness can go together,”) and Vogue dismisses it as merely a “palate cleanser for this prolonged, punishing winter.” Looking for answers, Fusion went to SXSW in Austin, Texas, ground zero for spring breakers who would rather die than be called hipsters. Or normcore.

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