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The heartbreaking reason a superfan has followed Tom Felton for 7 years

The Star Wars trailer has unleashed the inner fan in all of us

Everyone is freaking out over the new Star Wars trailer including our very own Fusion employees. But Star Wars isn’t our only obsession. In the spirit of Superfans! A Tom Felton Documentary check out the weird things we freak out about.

Superfans! A Tom Felton Documentary takes an in-depth look at what makes a fan a superfan by one of the stars of the Harry Potter series. As part of our ongoing look at fandom, #FusionFreakout, Fusion employees took to the mic to tell us what they’re fans of.

You can join in on the fun using the #FusionFreakout on social media.

Watch the full documentary here.

Fusion is partly owned by Disney’s ABC network. Disney also owns Lucasfilm and Star Wars.


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