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Does a hair flip mean someone's interested in you?

What makes a person sexy? Is it confidence? A sense of humor? A six pack? It all depends on who you ask.

In Fusion’s original special The Search for Sexy, Sex Nerd Sandra (of the hugely popular Nerdist podcast by the same name) offers a fascinating look at the science of attraction, from body language to the latest strategies in online dating.

In part one, Sandra talks with Cari Goetz, a psychologist who studies human mating, to talk about flirting—and the subconscious signals we send to show we’re interested in someone. Just what does your laughter, touch, and hair flip mean?

Watch part two: Your sense of smell can make or break a relationship.

Watch part three: Can you find the perfect mate in a search bar?

Watch part four: Does laughter lead to love?


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