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Thai Men Dress Up As Mexican Gangsters in the Streets of Bangkok

A curious new trend has emerged in Bangkok, where young Thai men are identifying as “Mexican gangsters.”

On the outside, many of these Thais resemble the Cholos who inspire them. Their clothes, tattoos, and hairstyles emulate those sported by real homies. That said, tattoos and bling do not a gangster make.

When Coconuts interviewed members from three of these “gangs” – Balcony Pain, Fratez and D Sixty – we found out that none of the men appreciated the brutal violence that is often associated with real Latino gangs like the Latin Kings. Moreover, most only had a shallow understanding of the foreign urban culture and Mexico in general.

What became clear is that the Thai obsession with these groups is simply an appreciation of their aesthetic. All of the men we spoke with were captivated by “the clean and simple style” that “worked well in this (Thai) weather,” as one gang member said.

Read the entire piece and check out photos of the Thai Mexican gangsters at Coconuts Bangkok.

Credit: Alexander Hotz for Coconuts Bangkok, Coconuts Media LLC.

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