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Have You Been Nek Nominated?

Dares and challenges pop up on YouTube and on social media all the time. But a drinking dare game called “Nek Nomination” has turned to be as wildly popular, as it is dangerous and even deadly.

In the online game players record themselves “necking” or guzzling down immense amounts of alcohol and then nominate a friend to outdo them. These videos are being posted all over YouTube and Facebook and the challenges are getting more daring.

Nek Nominations reportedly began in Australia and have quickly spread to other parts of the world.

Reports say five people under the age of 30 may have died after chugging deadly drinks while playing the game overseas.

The role social media sites like Facebook and YouTube play, have come under scrutiny.

Facebook directed us to their general safety information page. It says that videos and content that reference dares or nominations aren’t against Facebook’s Community Standards. They go on to say that if you’re nominated to do something that you’re not comfortable with, just don’t do it and then list options for untagging or deleting that post from your timeline.

In a statement to Fusion, a YouTube spokesperson said: “We’re serious about user safety and have Community Guidelines outlining what material is not allowed on YouTube. When videos are flagged we review them quickly, and if we find that they violate the Guidelines we remove them. We also routinely age-restrict videos that may not be appropriate for younger people.”

According to the CDC, the age group with the most binge drinkers is people 18-34 years old.

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