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'Dallas' Star Julie Gonzalo on Getting Typecast as the 'White Girl'

Rivalries…romance…betrayals… just a normal day for actress Julie Gonzalo in the world of ‘Dallas;’. Fusion Live sat down with the actress who talks about the classic show’s re-boot , the craziest moments she’s had to act and why she thinks Argentina has a chance at the World Cup.

Gonzalo was born in Argentina and grew up in Buenos Aires and Miami but because of her looks is never cast in “Latina” roles. Reverse type casting? She tells Pedro Andrade in the clip above: “I’ve only played American roles, I’ve only been known as the white girl…but I’d like to break that stereotype. A lot of people think that because I don’t look a certain way, I’m not Hispanic.”

Credit: Pedro Andrade and Adriana Lorenzo

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