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Man Crush Monday: Mitch McConnell edition

Did Obamacare cure Ebola? According to a former White House staffer: maybe!

Ronnie Cho is the former White House associate director of public engagement — a job where he replaced one Kal Penn as youth liaison to the POTUS. (In his defense, Kal claims a lot of employees later “complained to me privately” about how much Ronnie sucks). Cho joins “Midterm Mayhem” to discuss what Obama has accomplished since he took office in 2009.

“The economy has never been stronger since that term started,” Cho says.

OK, fine, the economy has recovered from the lowest depths of the recession. But a bigger evil plagues America, and Kal Penn wants Ronnie Cho to be held accountable.

“Now that Obamacare has destroyed millions of lives across the nation, how do you sleep at night?” Kal asked him.

“Until Obamacare, no one had successfully been cured of Ebola,” Cho points out. “Is it correlation? Maybe. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

Cho also discusses conscious uncouplings, social media marketing, and how to communicate with those nebulous millennials.

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