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Lisa Kudrow comes back on "The Comeback"

In 2005, Kudrow and Michael Patrick King created “The Comeback,” a show about a middle-aged former sitcom actress named Valerie Cherish (played by Kudrow) struggling with her career. Valerie is so desperate to be famous again that she agrees to be in a reality TV show tracking her not-particularly-triumphant return to scripted television. HBO cancelled “The Comeback” after only one season, but over the years, the show gained a cult following.

Nine years later, season two of “The Comeback” premieres this Sunday night on HBO.

In season two, Valerie, still desperate to be famous, hires an inexperienced camera crew for behind-the-scenes footage as she is cast on a new show. Despite the many awkward situations Valerie faces, she always stays positive.

I love Valerie Cherish.

I love Lisa Kudrow.

I love “The Comeback.” I’m pretty sure that I’m getting written in as Valerie’s social media manager next season — assuming there is a next season.

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