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How this Dreamer is fighting for her mom and millions of others living in the shadows

Lorella Praeli was undocumented for 14 years. Now she’s Latino outreach director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. And she’s keeping another undocumented woman in mind—her mother, Chela.

Praeli, 27, who spent five years working for the advocacy group United We Dream, says she wants to fight for “the millions of people who are living in the shadows” and find ways to fix the broken immigration system.

“There’s a tremendous amount of work ahead of us,” she says, “but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t made progress. Now the question and what is in front of us is: Can we continue to build on the progress? Or are we going to let people take our country backwards?”

Fusion is profiling 30 women, all 30 or younger, who will change the presidential election—fighting for causes as diverse as their backgrounds, each wielding power in a unique way. You can check out their stories here and talk about them with the hashtag #the30.

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