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Eva Longoria Launching Pac to Rally Latino Vote

Hollywood actress Eva Longoria is using her star power to motivate the Latino community. Together with Henry R. Muñoz III, the finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Longoria has launched the Latino Victory Project. The goal of the project is to boost Latino involvement in politics by supporting future Latino leaders and shaping public policy around issues important to the community.

“When Latinos participate in the political process we can make a difference, we can push a candidate over the edge,” Longoria told us. The power of the Latino vote was made clear in the 2012 elections when 71 percent of the Latino community voted for President Obama, helping him win another four years in office. But out of all Hispanics eligible to vote, less than half of them cast a ballot in the 2012 elections.

Many worry that Latino voter turnout for the 2014 midterm elections will be even lower. That’s what Longoria hopes to change with the Latino Victory Project. “We can’t be so energized to elect the leader of our country and then not mobilize enough to elect the people he has to work with” she said.

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