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Cannabusiness Report: GOP Congressman Pushes 'Rescheduling' Marijuana to Allow for Medical Research

Fusion’s Chief Cannabis Correspondent, Ryan Nerz, spoke with Congressman Morgan Griffith of Virginia, who recently introduced a bill to reschedule marijuana.

Congressman Griffith says the bill would take “marijuana from schedule one to schedule two, puts it on the same level with a lot of harder drugs than marijuana – with things like morphine, hydrocodone, oxycontin – so that you can do more research, so that pharmaceutical companies, universities can do research on the drug.”

If Congressman Griffith’s bill becomes law, it will pave the way for much more research about marijuana’s effects, and will allow doctors to prescribe the plant as medicine.

“Virginia has recognized, since 1979, legitimate use of marijuana, in the cases of cancer and glaucoma,” Rep. Griffith explained. “There are other areas where I think there ought to be scientific data collected – PTSD looks very promising. And we ought to be able to treat this as a serious drug but also be able to let our doctors, working with their patients, decide whether or not this is something that’s right for that particular patient.”

Credit: By Ryan Nerz, Sebastian Perry, Omar Michaud, and Geneva Sands

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