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Hog Wild: Texas has a $500 Million Pig Problem

When you think about pigs, cute snouts and curly nails might come to mind – maybe even Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web. But what about a pig that can destroy property, spread disease and even attack you?

Wild hogs are taking over the country and their hog heaven is in Texas, where estimates say they can do as much as $500 million in damage every year. The state is battling a feral hog infestation and they’re employing all kinds of tactics to control the growing population. Everything from an iPhone triggered trap to raspberry jello flavored bait.

In central Texas, Caldwell County has formed a feral hog task force, including a bounty program that offers a five dollar reward for every hog. And many see the hogs as a viable food source. They can be processed into USDA certified sausage and burger patties.

Credit: Bradley Blackburn, Joanna Suarez, Darwin Phillips

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