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What will it take to end sexual assault on college campuses?

Lady Gaga’s emotional performance of her song, ‘Till It Happens to You’, at the 2016 Academy Awards was one of the most talked about moments of the telecast. The song was featured in the documentary, The Hunting Ground, a film about sexual assault on college campuses, and was also nominated for ‘Best Original Song.’ Sexual assault survivors joined the singer in a moment of solidarity on stage. Since it aired, it’s continued the conversation about rape culture, universities, and consent.

Last year, the American Association of Universities surveyed 27 universities across the country and found more than one in five female undergrads were victims of sexual assault or misconduct. Nightline on Fusion spoke to survivors and advocates who say the increased education of awareness may be the key to ending sexual assault on campus.

Columbia University alerts students of alleged sexual assault
Students created an app to prevent sexual assault on campus
The nation’s top party school received 11 reports of sexual assault in two months

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