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We Reviewed '22 Jump Street' for You by the Important Parts

It’s summer blockbuster season! That means movies meant to escape the heat and turn off your brain–which means loud noises, explosions, and a slate of half-baked comedies and sloppy sequels. So should you be surprised that ’22 Jump Street’ and its brand of comedy might be as about creative as its title? No, don’t be. But still, before you plunk down your cash, Fusion’s Arielle Castillo and Yannis Pappas reviewed it by the important part–the trailer.

BTW, though, we found an actual winner–the low-budget horror flick ‘All Cheerleaders Die.’ Don’t worry–it’s not a cheerleader-revenge thing where pretty girls gets slaughtered. Despite the title, it’s like 1000 times more awesome than that. It might even be a feminist movie. Check out the video to see what we mean.

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