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Samira Wiley On the 'Sisterhood' of the 'Orange Is The New Black' Cast

Everything is coming up orange lately….”Orange Is the New Black” that is. The show is a monster hit for Netlix and has been celebrated for its diverse cast of strong female characters. Samira Wiley plays one of those characters, Poussey Washington, WHO quickly became a fan-favorite.

Though Samira has been acting all her life, she tells Fusion Live her life truly changed once she was a cast on “Orange Is the New Black.”

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“Before the show came out I was really able to go out of my house and walk around in sweatpants, and go get a drink at the corner store if I wanted to,” Samira said. “Now I kind of feel like whenever I leave my house I have to be on because you never know who might be a fan of the show or might recognize you and want a picture, or just want to connect and I really love being able to connect with my fans like that.”

Despite rumors surrounding any television cast full of strong women, Samira says there is zero cattiness among the cast. “You’ve got women of all different ages and generations as well and I think that we just like to soak up what we can…the knowledge that I can from the veterans, the knowledge that I can from some of the people who haven’t acted as long as everyone else. There’s a freshness to them,” Samira said. “It’s really become like a sisterhood and family.”

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