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Grandpa Arrived to America in a Boat, Now Grandsons Work in Family Fish Market

In support of Immigrant Heritage Month, Fusion has launched American Dreamers, a video series to highlight the immigrant experience of first, second and third generation Americans.

This episode centers on the sea, particularly the 300-mile stretch between Miami and Cuba. We get to know Lazaro Sanchez, who fled Cuba for the United States with his family and dog on a small boat powered by a leaf blower. Lazaro got his start in America by fishing and selling his daily catch in Miami.

His children and grandchildren now run his successful fish market and restaurant, Casablanca. We follow them as they retrace Lazaro’s footsteps and spend a day catching fish in the blue waters off the coast of South Florida.

See more stories of young Americans honoring their immigrant parents and grandparents here.

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