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'Poker Princess' Tells All: High-Stakes Poker, High Strung Celebrities

Imagine you’re sitting at a table with Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. No, it’s not the plot line for “Ocean’s Fourteen;” rather, it was just an average work day for former high-stakes poker organizer Molly Bloom–the so-called “Poker Princess.”

In her new tell-all book, Bloom explains how she built one of the most exclusive underground poker rings in the world. She was sentenced to a year of probation this month after pleading guilty last year to her involvement in running illegal poker games.

Bloom has had access to a world few of us will ever know, and her experience as the only woman at the table gives us insight into how femininity can be both an asset and a liability.

Credit: Victoria Moreno and Paola Bolano

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