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Why immigration reform and healthcare go hand in hand

Latinos make up over a third of the total uninsured population in the United States, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. But healthcare access is an issue that especially affects the country’s 11.3 undocumented immigrants. Although the Affordable Healthcare Act has expanded healthcare coverage to millions, undocumented immigrants are not eligible because of their immigration status.

Fusion’s Mariana Atencio followed two young health activists from the NLIRH to the heart of South Florida’s farmworker community. 27-year-old Gaby Garcia-Vera and 29-year-old Angelica Ramirez are helping underserved Latinas in the area, including undocumented immigrants. They’re helping women from underserved communities find low-cost and free healthcare resources. They’re also educating communities about the election, showing how immigration reform and healthcare are two issues that go hand in hand.

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