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Watch rising indie act Early Morning Rebel play 'Lifeboat' live for Fusion

Rising indie trio Early Morning Rebel is proudly L.A. through and through–so it’s no surprise that their introspective, melodic sound boasts a serious cinematic influence. Members describe their sound as “indie pop noir,” full of bittersweet mood-setting that’s made the group a shoo-in for soundtrack spots on TV favorites like “Grey’s Anatomy.”

It’s the song that landed, “Lifeboat,” that’s become a fan favorite, and that the group played in a special intimate set for Fusion in L.A., the city where “dreams happen,” says member Joshua Mervin. “This is the place to come. If you have a dream, you’ve got to come here. It’s that simple.” For Early Morning Rebel, that dream might be coming true. Check them out in the video above.

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