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Can yoga help bridge our great immigration divide?

The San Diego-Tijuana border has become an increasingly popular location for families who have been separated by the U.S.’s immigration policies to catch a glimpse of their loved ones, talk, and touch each other through the gaps in a metal fence erected in 2011.

This year, 45 people on both sides of the border came together in August to connect with their breath, and each other. The goal of the event, according to nonprofit Border Angels, is to promote “love without borders.”

On October 15, Univision and Fusion Media Group will host RiseUp AS ONE, where artists and influencers will gather at the San Diego border for a concert celebrating inclusiveness, diversity, and global unity. This content is part of a series in connection with RiseUP AS One, supported by funding from Sprint, and produced independently by Fusion’s editorial staff.

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