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'Je Suis Charlie': Thousands of Parisians take to the streets after terror attack

After two masked gun men killed 12 people in an attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, more than 35,000 people gathered in downtown Paris in a show of solidarity with the victims and to protest against terrorism. Signs reading “We are Charlie,” “Yes to freedom of expression, and no to stupidity,” and “pens against guns” could be seen in the crowd.

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A protester held a sign reading “To terror we respond with more democracy,” a top the La Place de La République statue in downtown Paris.

_MG_1023 (1)

Another sign read “Dead for their drawings”


Protesters held pens in the air as a show of defiance and solidarity.

_MG_1035Many of the protesters held candles and chanted._MG_1029 (1)Video credits:
Video shot and produced in Paris by Raphaël Beaugrand and Kevin Gay.
Produced and edited by Ingrid Rojas and Jared Goyette.
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