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Watch Kat Dahlia belt out her raw, intimate song 'Just Another Dude' live

“Just Another Dude” is the last track in Kat Dahlia‘s just-released debut album, “My Garden,” and it might also be her rawest song. It features just her soulful, punching voice with acoustic guitar; it deals with pure heartbreak and inner turmoil.

We invited Kat to sing the emotionally-charged ballad, joined by singer-songwriter Craig Stickland, and the first take was so good, it’s the one we ended up using here. We shot this video below the bleachers at the Miami Marine Stadium, a beautiful structure that was used in from the 1960s till the early 90s as a power boat racing stadium. Thank you to Kat for being so game to do this live session with us and to the Friends of Marine Stadium for letting us shoot in this awesome space again.

See Kat performing “Tumbao” live at Miami Marine Stadium.

Also at Marine Stadium: watch Buscabulla singing “Caer.”


Video shot by Ingrid Rojas and Lara Fernandez. Edited by Ingrid Rojas.

Audio by Juan La Riva.

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