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See Iceland's waterfalls by drone

Everybody loves Iceland. How could you not? There are wild horses. There are (believed to be) elves. They had the first lesbian head of state. Also, Björk.

And there are the waterfalls, known in Icelandic as foss, which are beautiful from any angle.

What a drone gets you, though, is the sense of geological context. A stream of water pouring over a cliff can be seen as a river flowing through rolling pasture land until the earth ends abruptly, as in my favorite waterfall in the video, Hengifoss, about 1:30 in. The drone comes in low, climbing vertically up the water column until it reaches the top, and that’s when you see the flatness through which the water has been traveling in contrast to the dropoff. This is some weird geology, a mix of North Dakota and California, somehow. It’s beautiful.

The videos were made by Hailey Keen with a DJI Phantom 2 and a GoPro using some serious Boscam antennae, so she could range around the landscape.

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